The Crown "Crowned in Terror" $10
The Dying Light "Survival Guide to the Apocalypse" (digipack) $12 US/ $15 World PPD
The End "Within Dividia" (digipack) $10
The Essential Horror Music DVD Colection: Horror Pain Gore Death Volume 1,2,3,4 (16 Horror Videos using music from 16 Metal Bands and 16 Horror Movies!!!!) $12
The Everdawn "Poems/ Burn the Past" $8
The Heretic "Chemistry for the Soul" $12
The Heretic "Gospel Songs in E Minor" $12
The Seventh Gate "None so Bloody as the Kingdom of Christ" $8
The Stone "Umro" $12
The Syre "Duality" $12
The Unholy Sound of the Demon Bells: tribute to Mercyful Fate: $8
The Way Productions "Compilation featuring exclusive tracks from Set Ablaze, Black Dahlia Murder, Arson, etc" $8
Tearabyte "Doom Generation" $8
Tearabyte "Embrace Obliveon" $8
Teitenblood "Black Putrescence of Evil" $14
Terror of the Trees " Devil Worship" DR02 $8
Terrorist "Mata o Muere" $8
Thom Mathews "Mindcraft" $12
Thralldom "Beast Eye Opened to the Sky" $10
Throneaeon "Neither of Gods" $10
Throneaeon "With Sardonic Wrath" $10
Throneum "The Underground Storms Eternally" $12
Throneum/ Martire "United in Hell" $12
Torture Squad "Asylum of Shadows" $14
Tribute to Kreator: various artists: $8
True Unholy Death "Fuck Your God Allah" $10
Typhus "Grand Molestors of the Holy Trinity" $8
Tyrant "King of Kings" This reissue adds five bonus live tracks! $10
Underdog "Rabies in Town" -Reissue of long out of print album $10
Unholy Grave "Revoltage" $10
Uphill Battle "Self Titled" $10
Uphill Battle "Wreck of Nerves" $10
Usipian 'In Skinless Form" $12
Usurper "Skeletal Society" $10
Usurper "Diabolysis" $12
Vediog Svaor "In the Distance" $10
Velvet Cacoon "Genevieve" $10
Velvet Cacoon "Northsuit" $10
Verminous "Impious Sacrilege" $12
Vidres ala Sang "Self Titled" $12
Vinterikket "Der Letze Winter Der Ewikgeit Emtgegen" $12
Vinterikket "Finsternis" cassette tape $8
Vinterikket "Und De Nacht Kam Schweren Shribes" cassette tape $8
Vinterikket "Landschaften Enwiger Eunsamkeit" cassette tape $8
Viral Load "Practitioners of Perversity" $12
Viravoid "Thrown to the Wolves" $10
Visceral Damage "Garden of Mutilation" $12
Visionaries of the Macabre "Compilation CD" (Lost Disciple compilation includes exclusive tracks from Acheron, Dusk, Ceremonium, Krieg and many more!!!) $10
Vomitory "Redemption" $12
Vorum "Poisoned Void" $10
Vulgar Pigeons "Summary Execution" $10
Waco Jesus "Filth" $10
Walhalla "Firereich" $10
Wall of Sleep "Sun Faced Apostles" $14
Warkult "Perseverance of Agression" $10
Warlust "Trench War" $10
Wasteform "Ignorance Through Sovereigny" $6
We Are Legion "The Institution of Disharmony" $6
Welcome to Brutal Texas "Compilation CD" $6
Willow Wisp "Delusions of Grandeur" $10
Winterblut "Von den Pflichten" $12