Rade Massaker "Satanic Zombie Hordes" $10
Rape Pillage and Burn "Songs of Death...Songs of Hell" $8
Regurgitate "Deviant" $10
Revelation "Yet so Far" $10
Rites of thy Degringolade "Totality" $10
Rossomahaar "Quaerite Lux In Tenebris" $10
Rot "A Long Cold Stare" $12
Rottrevore "Disembodied" $10
Rzeznia "Mathematic Grind" $8
Sacred Steel "Wargods of Metal" $8
Sacred Steel "Bloodlust" $8
Sadism "A Dwelling of Gods" $8
Saltus "Slavonic Pride" $8
San la Muerte "Lipreading the Dead" $7
Sanctifier "Awaked by Impurity Rites" $12
Sapfhier "Under Eternally Grey Skies" $10
Sarcastic "Macabre Human Mutilation" $14
Satanizer "The Throne of All Plagues" $12
Satarial "And the Flame will Take the Temples of Christ" $12
Sathanas "Black Earth" $10
Scent of Death "Entangled In Hate" $8
Screaming Afterbirth "Puke Bile" $8
Screaming Entombment "Become the Suffering" $5
Sculptured "The Spear of the Lily is Aureoled" $8
Sea of Tranquility "Omega Ruins" $8
Selfhate "At the Beginning God Created Fear" $8
Severed Head "Fuck Your Bullshit" $8
Shining "The Darkroom Sessions" $12
Shrinking Violet "Srengotti" $6
Shroud of Bereavment "Of Ages" $10
Side 3 "No Expectations" $5
Sigh "Gallows Gallery" $10
Six Feet Under "True Carnage" $8
Skinless "Progression Towards Evil" $10
Skinless "From Sacrifice to Survival" $10
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum "Grand Opening & Closing" $8
Slumlord "Self Titled" $6
Somnus "Awakening the Crown" $8
Soniminos "Chutu I" (jewel case) $8
Sons of Satan "In Times of Fire" $12
Souledge "Exterminate the World" $10
Spawn of Satan/ Bloodsick "Split CD" $12
Spinegrinder "A Visual Symphony of Horror" $10
Squealer "The Prophecy" $8
Stagnatus "Ultima Thule" $10
Steel Attack "Where Mankind Fails" $8
Structure of Lies/ Misery Index "Split" $10
Summon "Fire Turns Everything Black " $10
Supremacy "Satanic Reich" $12
Syzslak "When Demons Ride Angels" $8