7 Minds "Diminished" $5
A Farewell Fire "The Thin Line Between" $5
Abaddon Incarnate "Dark Crusade" $10
Abazagorath "The Spirit of Hate for Mankind" 7"ep $5
Abraxas "Wretched Existence" $6
Abscess "Thirst for Blood Hunger for Flesh" $12
Abscess "Tormented" $12
Abscess "Damned and Mummified" $10
Abhorrence "Evoking the Abomination" $12
Abominant "The Way After" $8
Abominant "Ungodly" $8
Abominant "In Darkness Embrace"
Adramelech "Terror of Thousand Faces" $12
Advent "The Dawn" $10
Adversarial "Prophetic Plain of Abyssal Revelation" $10
Adversary "Forsaken" $8
Algol/ Shroud of Despondency "Split cd" $8
Altar "Ego Art" $10
Altered Existence "Created to Suffer" $5
Among the Decayed "A Perfect Day for Terror" $8
Amputator/ Baphomets Horns "Satanic Forefucked Annihilation" $10
Anarchus/ CSSO "Split Live cd" $10
Ancestral Malediction "Demoniac Holocaust" $14
Angelcorpse "Of Lucifer and Lightning" $12
Annunaki "Throne of the Annunaki" $10
Anoxia "Intense Killings" $8
Antigama/ Third Degree/ Herman Rarebell "The world will fall soon and we will all die" $10
Anvil "Plugged in Permanently" $8
Anvil of Doom "Deathillusion" $10
Anwyl "Postmortem Apocalypse" $12
Apraxia "Ideology" $10
Arghoslent "Arsenal of Glory" $12
Arkhon Infaustus "Orthodoxyn" $12
Aria (RUS) "Play with Fire" $12
Ashen Light (RUS) "Baptized by Fire" $12
Ataraxie "Anhedonie" $14
Ataraxie "Slow Transcending Agony" $12
Aura Noir "Live Nightmares on Elm Street" $12
Autophagia "Mutilate Your Enemy" $8
Autopsy "Dead as Fuck" $10
Autopsy Torment "7th Ritual for the Darkest Soul of Hell" $8
Autumnm "Ocehb Beyha" $10
Avenger "Godless" $8
Avenger "Fall of Devotion" $8
Avulsion "Indoctrination into the Cult of Death" $8
Axis of Advance "Obey" $8
Axon "Leper Viper" $8
Bad Brains "Rise" $6
Bahimiron "Hunting Down the Weak" 7"ep $5
Barbarity "The Wish to Bleed" $12
Barbarity "Enough Graves for Everybody" $10
Beastcraft "Dawn of the Serpent" $12
Belphegor "Bondage Goat Zombie" (includes bonus DVD disc) $15
Benighted "Harbringers of the Victorium Aeternus" $8
Bestial Devastation "Sores, Blood and Pus" $8
Black Army Jacket/ Hemlock Split $10
Black Circle "Behold My Visions and Wisdom" 12" LP $10
Black Funeral "Waters of Weeping" $12
Blackgoat "Self Titled" $10
Black Torment "Satanic Holocaust" $10
Black Witchery "Desecration of the Holy Kingdom" $10
Blaspherian "Infernal Warriors of Death" $10
Blaspherian "Allegiance to the Will of Damnation" $10
Blasphemy "Live Ritual, Friday the 13th" $12
Blinded by Faith "Under an Occult Son" $10
Blood Coven "Battle Cult Empire" $8
Bloodfreak "Sleaze Merchants" $8
Blood Obsession "Death Surrounds" $10
Bloodstained Dusk "Dirge of Death's Silence" $8
Bloodstained Dusk "Continent of Evil" $10
Blood Stained Dusk "Black Faith Inquisition" $10
Bloodvomit "Up from the Grave" $6
Blotorch "Self titled" $6
Blut/Sonnenkreuz (SWE) "United in Battle" split CD $12
Boiler "The New Professionals" $6
Brodequin "Methods of Execution" $10
Brujerio "Brujerizmo" $8
Brutal Mastication "Rage Uncontrolled" $6
Buried God "Dark Revelation" $10
Burn Victim "Baptized in Gasoline" $10
Burning Inside "The Eye of the Entities" $10
Burnt Offerings "Walk of the Dead" $8
Butcher ABC "Butchered at Birthday" $14
Cabal "Midian" $8
Carnal Befoulment "Cunt Struck" $5
Carnivorous Vagina "Istinto Omicida" $10
Carnivorous Vagina "Strange Cannibale" $10
Carpe Tenebrum "Dreaded Chaotic Reign" $14
Catheter/ Fubar "Split cd" $12
Catheter "Preamble to Obliveon" $12
Cauldron Black Ram "Slubberdegullion" $14
Cauldron Black Ram "Skullduggery" $14
Celestiial "Desolate North" $10
Celtic Frost "Into the Pandemonium" $12
(Reissue with bonus tracks. Back tray page under cd missing)
Cephalic "Blasted into Lunacy" $10
Cephalic Carnage "Anomalies" $10
Cerekloth "Pandemonium Prayers" $6
Ceremonial Execution "Death Shall Set us Free" $14
Ceremonium "Nightfall in Heaven" t-shirt $15
Christ Agony "Trilogy" $12
Cianide "Divide and Conquer" $10
Cock and Ball Torture / Last Days of Humanity "Split CD" $12
Cock and Ball Torture "Egoleech" $12
Coffin "Coffin" $6
Coffin Texts "The Tombs of Infinite Ritual" $10
Corpsefucking Art "Splatter Deluxe" $8
Corpsefucking Art "War of the Toilet Gear" $8
Corpsefucking Art/ Goretrade Split $10
Corpsessed "The Dagger and the Chalice" $7
Corpse Vomit "Raping the Ears of those Above" $8
Craft "Total Soul Rape" $10
Craft "Terror Propaganda" $10
Craven Idol "Towards Eschaton" $10
Criminal "Dead Soul" $8
Crucified Mortals "Converted by Decapitation" $10
CSSO "Collection" $14
Cyst "Concussion Symphony" $8
Czarne Zastepy w Holdzie Kat (Performed entirely in Polish, this tribute contains only Polish bands paying tribute to Kat, classic heavy metal band. You should know by great lineup including Vader, Behemoth, Grom, Luciferion, and more it slays) $10