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Ceremonium emerged in autumn of 1992. The first shadows were cast in spring 1993 with their 7"EP "Nightfall in Heaven" followed by their demo '93. These two recordings of dark death paved the way into new depths of atmosphere. Along the paths they would take many obstacles approached; including the loss of their original bass player.

Ceremonium then channeled their own emotions into the recording of their debut CD "Into the Autumn Shade" during spring 1995 on Fadeless records. The album received mass acclaim and established themselves as a force in the doom scene. After attracting interest from Pavement records at the international fest in winter of '95, they gained a spot on the compilation CD titled "What's For Dinner?" in spring 1996.

Ceremonium went through more lineup changes in 1996. Vocalist Oscar Matter departed from the band. Brandon Diaz took on vocals as well as maintaining guitar. Long time friend Lino Reca (Hemlock) then filled the bass position. In July 1998 the band recorded their sophomore album titled "No Longer Silent" at Vortex Studios (Immolation, Blood Storm). Originally the band entered a deal with Soul Sold Music. Due to differences with the label Tom Pioli (guitarist) took the initiative of starting his own label. The label titled Destro Records shall soon be signing new acts as Ceremonium is the first offering.

"No Longer Silent" is a harmony between atmospheric death and black metal while retaining melodic roots from their history in doom. The band recently obtained management from Chris Forbes of Metal Core. During the end of 2000 through early 2001 the band performed extensively. Among the shows were Deathstock 2000 with Enslaved, Dark Funeral, and others; plus opening for Immolation at their record release party at CBGB. During this time Lino Reca also departed with the band. Shortly thereafter Brian Yost filled the position for bass player.

Currently the band is doing interviews and obtaining distribution from other labels. Additionally, they are hard at work creating material for the third album. This as of yet, untitled release, will move Ceremonium a step higher in the realm of death metal.



Terror of the Trees was spawned back in the mid-nineties as an outlet for His Eminence the Wicked to express his own style of true black metal. Inspired by nearly two decades of dedication to the metal scene, Terror of the Trees pays homage to the original black metal scene; drawing inspiration from such originators as Mercyful Fate, Bathory, Hobbs Angel of Death, Possessed, and Venom, while filtering the music through his own sensibilities.

His Eminence began his career in the extreme metal scene as drummer and lyricist for New York cult act Porphyria (not to be confused with the recent Swedish band with the same name). Porphyria’s 1990 demo, “Dreamer of Darkness” was critically acclaimed by the underground press and eagerly received by the New York area fans during the band’s short career; holding number one slots on playlists throughout the country. Shortly after the demo’s release His Eminence broke up the band to crawl deeper into the grave..

His Eminence resurfaced some years later as a prominent songwriter and driving force behind Hemlock, another New York based black metal band, releasing three alums and a split e.p. on Head Not Found, Full Moon Production and Sound Views/ Go-Kart. The split e.p., written entirely by His Eminence, encouraged him to dissolve Hemlock, and pursue Terror of the Trees. While His Eminence stands behind Hemlock records he felt it was time to unleash his music without the constraints of other personalities diluting his art.

“Devil Worship” is the debut Terror of the Trees release, on Destro Records. It contains six tracks of true Satanic black metal in the ancient vein, hoisting the flag for the American metal scene high. True metal fans will not be disappointed with his Live in Fame, Die in Flame attitude… Poseurs beware!


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Rising from the infested gutters of Long Island comes the much anticipated second offering from New Yorks
brutal death / grind metal sickos, GROTESQUEUPHORIA. "Conquered By Corruption" contains eight tracks which
launches the listener into a chaotic half-hour trip of pure old school death metal with technical overtones sure to satisfy the fans of GORGUTS, HUMAN REMAINS and IMMOLATION. Playing throughout the late 90's under the former names of Butchery and Exuviate, the band members have made a series of offerings which were well recieved by the metal public. Both the "Blackest Blood" demo of 1998 and the "Exuviate" self-titled cd of 1999 were welcomed with strong reviews. GROTESQUEUPHORIA's self-released debut of 2001, "Euphoric Discordance" took it to the next level. Signing with DESTRO RECORDS in August of 2003, "Conquered By Corruption" is sure to continue the madness.

$10 US/ $13 WORLD PPD